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WOOD Blend™ PLA+ Natural Beech

WOOD Blend™ PLA+ Natural Beech

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Bring a warm and rustic feel to your projects with Natural Beech - our light wood filament unique to the WOOD Blend line. This filament allows you to add a natural wood texture with its light beech-like colour, making it perfect for model or prop making and decorating. Its smooth and light texture gives it a pleasant feel in your hands, perfect for showcasing your projects in a natural, light way.


WOOD Blend, our composite PLA filament combined with natural virgin wood powder, enables you to achieve an aesthetically pleasing wooden finish on your 3D printed parts. With its efficient flow properties and good layer adhesion, you’ll be able to print detailed models and functional prototypes. Its flexibility and durability, coupled with the natural feel and smell of wood, make it the go-to choice for higher-end projects where aesthetics are just as important as practicality. Printed parts can be sanded, oiled, nailed, drilled and carved to achieve a smooth wooden result, perfect for displaying on shelves and mantels, or for use in heavier-duty applications where strength and durability are required.

All of our 1KG and 0.8KG spools are compatible with a range of printers including the BambuLab AMS System.

 Pantone Colour
Finish Opaque, Matt
Feature Composite
Nozzle Temperature 205 ± 15°C
Bed Temperature
30 ± 10°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
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