LilGriffinArt is a small Australian owned business specializing in 3D printed items as well as digital art and much more! Our products are for pop culture, role play gaming and art fans alike! As fans of these genres ourselves we decided to use our skills to create items we wanted to see & buy. Our ability to customize your items has set us apart. Since we began trading we have become a star seller on Etsy and one of the go to for table top role play gamer accessories!

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Dragonfire Resin and Gaming

Dive into the fantastical world of Dragonfire Resin and Gaming, a family-run haven for 3D printed wonders! From enchanting Dice Grimoires to captivating can holder dice towers, our creations redefine tabletop gaming. Discover the allure of our dragons, the nostalgia of retro magnets, and the elegance of resin earrings. Join our journey on Facebook (@dragonfireresin) and Instagram (@dragonfireresin), where we share the magic daily. Proud members of the Makerhero filament community, we're fueled by innovation. Elevate your gaming experience with Dragonfire Resin and step into a realm where every piece tells a unique story! 🐉🎲✨

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