M8KR™ by MakerHero

M8KR™ is our very own official mascot.

Great filaments are the result of extensive testing and experimentation, which means we've printed a lot of #3DBenchy's, so we got bored and decided to create a model that allows us to benchmark our filaments/printers and looked awesome at the same time!

We are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Print M8KR!


When it comes to perfect prints, torture calibration tests are a maker's best friend. Torture test models are designed to put the capabilities of your 3D printer to the test.

M8KR™is not a pressure test, but rather a benchmarking model. This everyday hero prints nicely in fine-tuned enviroments and offers visual inspections such as bridge span, overhangs quality, dimensional accuracy, surface smoothness and layer extrusion. It includes small embossed and debossed details, fillets, chamfers, some extreme overhangs, bridging, smooth curves, and more.


    The Cape is the best place to check surface quality, M8KR™ is triangulated at a very high resolution which yields smooth surfaces. The maximum deviation from the original file is set to 0.001 mm.


    The top surfaces of the visor is planar,
    horizontal and parallel to the bottom plane. Great to visually identify extrusion problems.


    The bottom of the visor features a 65º overhanging straight surface that is challenging to 3D-print.


    The letters on the shield are less than 3 mm tall and the protrusion is just 0.2 mm. Great to check definition and spot ghosting.


    The legs are perfectly round and easy to spot first-layer-squashing.


    The Bottom of the cape has some added features to test different bridging spans.


    The foot sole has a 8mm HEX hole used to check dimensional accuracy, when printed at 100% scale it fits a M5 nut and at 70% scale it fits a M3 nut. It should fit without excessive force and stay in place.


    M8KR™ is holding a filament coil in his left hand, this section helps identify definition of small perimeters and stringing/oozing.


    M8KR™ is holding a resin bottle in his right hand, includes a 45º cylindrical opening to test tolerances. Made to fit a piece of 1.75mm filament. M8KR™ likes to keep a sample of the filament that was used.


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