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PETG Yellow Highlighter

PETG Yellow Highlighter

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Bring some sunshine into your projects with Yellow Highlighter - our semi-translucent yellow filament. This filament offers a unique highlighter-like finish for eye-catching parts and exciting creations. Ideal for projects that may need to show internal structures with a vivid, bold finish.

Be sure to adjust your slicer settings to limit layer lines and reduce the amount of visible infill to achieve the best results. This filament can be sanded to improve the effect.


We have created a masterpiece. Our PETG printability is comparable to PLA but with outstanding mechanical properties, enhanced toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance, temperature resistance, and UV resistance. It is, therefore, the material of choice for functional prototypes, mechanical parts, and waterproof applications. It unlocks a wide range of technical applications, making it suitable for industrial parts, tools, and prototypes. It is more resistant to heat, more flexible, and less brittle than PLA, producing durable prints suitable for indoor and outdoor use. PETG has a low thermal expansion; thus, it rarely lifts from the bed and warps, even when printing large parts without an enclosure. PETG also has the property of being ductile, and it contains a good amount of flex, which helps keep pieces from breaking under stress.

All of our 1KG and 0.8KG spools are compatible with a range of printers including the BambuLab AMS System.

 Pantone Colour
Finish Translucent, Semi-Gloss
Feature Water Resistant
Nozzle Temperature 230 ± 20°C
Bed Temperature
80 ± 10°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm

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Waited months for this to come back in stock wasn’t disappointed when it did.