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PLA+ Starter Pack

PLA+ Starter Pack

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Our PLA+ Starter Pack is the perfect choice for makers looking to get stocked up on high quality filament. Enjoy a wide range of color options for your 3D printing projects, all made with our advanced PLA+ material.

Known by many names PLA+, PLA Pro; Our State of the art PLA has been formulated to deliver detailed surface quality, effortless print at high speeds, and dimensional accuracy. Its versatility makes it the go-to material for everyday hassle-free 3D printing.

PLA is the most used type of filament, and it's a rigid, easy-to-print, biodegradable polymer. Because of its low thermal expansion (with little to no warping) and low melting temperature, it is ideal for printing both large and small pieces.

It's a rigid material, but it's also brittle, and when it breaks, it likes to shatter. The low print temperature also implies Low-temperature resistance. At temperatures over 60 °C, parts begin to lose mechanical strength. Because it is biodegradable and has low-temperature resistance, it is not suitable for outdoor usage, and it also has limited UV resistance.


PLA+ Starter Pack contains:

1KG PLA Jet Black

1KG PLA Space Grey

1KG PLA Paper White

1KG PLA Clear Quartz

All of our 1KG and 0.8KG spools are compatible with a range of printers including the BambuLab AMS System.

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