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MakerHero Mini Spool PLA+

MakerHero Mini Spool PLA+

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Comes on a 3D printed 100g spool. No need to re spool! Perfect for that random request for bright pink filament!

Available in all our gorgeous PLA+, Wood Blend, Stone Blend and Magic Blend Colours.

Known by many names PLA+, PLA Pro; Our state of the art PLA has been formulated to deliver detailed surface quality, effortless prints at high speeds, and dimensional accuracy. Its versatility makes it the go-to material for everyday hassle-free 3D printing. PLA is the most used type of filament, being a rigid, easy-to-print, biodegradable polymer. Because of its low thermal expansion (with little to no warping) and low melting temperature, it’s ideal for printing both large and small items. However, at temperatures over 60°C, parts begin to lose mechanical strength. PLA is also unable to flex too much, thus parts will shatter under too much force (brittle). Due to its biodegradability, low temperature resistance, and low UV resistance, PLA is not suitable for outdoor use.

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