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FLEX TPU-95A Gentle Grey

FLEX TPU-95A Gentle Grey

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Elevate your prints and projects with Gentle Grey - our light grey filament with a glossy finish. This gentle, calming colour will bring a sophisticated finish to your 3D prints. Perfect for everyday projects that may benefit from a modern shimmer.


FLEX optimised for easier and faster printing; We’ve engineered a TPU elastomer that perfectly balances printability, flexibility, and toughness. It has a hardness of 95A, ideal for applications that demand the qualities of rubber and chemical resistance. MakerHero FLEX is a semi-flexible material that can be employed in a wide range of engineering applications where performance is more important than aesthetics. Although most flexible filaments are challenging to print, the FLEX Series is optimised for easier and faster printing without compromising layer bonding.

Pantone Colour 430C
Finish Opaque, Gloss
Feature Flexible
Nozzle Temperature 220 ± 20°C
Bed Temperature
40 ± 10°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
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