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CF Blend™ PLA Carbon Fibre Reinforced

CF Blend™ PLA Carbon Fibre Reinforced

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Strengthen your projects with Carbon Fibre Reinforced - our unique black-grey filament from the CF Blend line. This carbon-fibre coloured filament contains reinforced fibres to allow you to print strong and lightweight 3D prints that resist bends and breaks. With its unique colour and durability, you'll be able to create complex models, prototypes, and functional parts with ease. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.


For those looking for tougher materials combined with ease of printing, our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Blend is a PLA polymer base filled with carbon fibres to improve its strength and toughness. It also offers excellent layer adhesion, low warpage, and a sexy matt finish. The carbon fibre reinforcing provides enhanced rigidity, ideal for printing technical components requiring high strength, outstanding surface quality, and dimensional stability.

All of our 1KG and 0.8KG spools are compatible with a range of printers including the BambuLab AMS System.

Pantone Colour 7540 C
Finish Opaque, Satin
Feature Impact Resistant, Composite
Nozzle Temperature 200 ± 15°C
Bed Temperature
50 ± 10°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm

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PLA CF Review

Prints brilliantly on my Bambu Lab P1S, better than eSUN and on par (or better) than other premium filament options.